Revolutionizing the construction

industry in Ontario

Revolutionizing the construction industry in Ontario

Greenfrog Construction Inc.

We have created a complete branding package for Greefrong Construction Inc. This package  includes their logo designed completely from the ground up; which is the foundation of the branding process and image of their business. Sleek and simple, Greenfrog’s logo stands out no matter what medium it is placed on. In addition to the logo, we’ve created a fully interactive and informative website with simple pages and customs icons, which allows for easy navigation and seamless integration on both mobile and desktop platforms. With our package- custom graphics, animation, and stationary are also included. Custom graphics include the creation of business cards, and social media themes/ layouts, while  animated logos/ graphics help enhance video presentations and trade show media. The stationary which we provide in our package represents the brand at all levels via frontline employees. From custom apparel, to uniform, branded mugs, pens, and much more; Taptoclick has you covered. Lastly, the booklets which we provide highlight and showcase the projects and achievements of our clients, in order to further enhance the image of their company and attract new business.

Client: Greenfrog Construction Inc.

Complete branding including logo/ website/ custom graphics/ animation/ stationary


Integrated services including brand strategy, integrated campaigns, digital, social media, content marketing, press and TV advertising, branding, web design, identity design, direct marketing, mobile, Apps, SEO, media buying and much more.

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